Drop all your creations in 2 minutes... @ a bailiff and protect yourself for 70 years.


to open an account, drop your creations in a click. We support all formats of files «doc, xls, pdf, ppt,...» ', images and videos.


your registrations are automatically timestamped with a unique username on our secure platform located in France
All your files are transform in a Hash code and send into the Bitcoin Blockchan after a while we bring back the files times stamped and with the anchor date


1-click inquiry available and available 24/7. You are protected for 70 years by registration with a bailiff

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Drop your creations by dragging your files into the directory. Your files are immediately time stamped with a unique identifier.

Protect your creations

You can e-filling  all types of creations, source code, photographs, videos, compatible office files, emails, PDFs, presentations, pre patent deposit .

Registers valid in 190 Countries

All your registration  are valid and recognized throughout the world for a period of 25 years because your protection is provided by a bailiff.

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A single access

You and your employees have a single account to manage your deposits. You can access online your resume of reports and retrieve your timestamped deposits.

Protection of your data

The hosting of your data is located in a secure Data Center in Paris and all data is saved once a day.

Unparalleled flexibility

You have a complete view of all your files online with statistics on the number of deposits and reports made, as well as the log files in order to ensure a follow-up.

Lawyer specialist Intellectual Property
and French Patent and Trademark

We offer your customers an online deposit service. You can in a few clicks have a dedicated space for your clients.

Help your customers by protecting them in a simple, efficient and secure way.

You have access to all the deposits of your clients and can at any time retrieve a report of a model that could have been copied.

We offer you a dedicated and unique tool that will ensure the loyalty of your customers and a first step in the blockchain.

If you are interested in our service and write us a message or send an email on 

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This blockchain service for the protection of intellectual property is proposed by SELARL Eric Albou Bailiff, Carolle Yana, Kevin Mimoun. You can also find all our services on our website,  bailiffs in Paris. The development is ensured by our Study, the hosting of the server is in Paris intra muros. If you have any questions about the service, send us your request using the form above.


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